Amer Abu Sabila

25, married with two children,
Residence: Abu Tlul, Neve Midbar Regional Council.

Amer was murdered in the Hamas terrorist attack near the police station in Sderot on the morning of Saturday, 7 October 2023. Amer was shot dead while trying to save Odeya Suissa and her daughters, ages 3 and 6, after their father, Dolev, was murdered as they were fleeing the town. Amer worked at a company for drilling building foundations, and on the day of the catastrophe he was visiting two of his brothers who were working as guards at a construction site in Sderot. On his way, he saw a number of Hamas terrorists riding on a pickup truck at the entrance to the city firing at Dolev and Odeya Suissa’s car, and heard the girls’ cries for help. Amer immediately jumped in to rescue the girls and the injured mother. In an attempt to get them to a safe area, he took them to the police station in the city, unaware that the terrorists had taken it by then. Near the police station, the terrorists fired point blank shots at the mother and at Amer, who were sitting in the front seats of the car, while in the back seat the little girls lay on the floor under a sheet and hid until a police rescue arrived.

May Allah have mercy on his soul.